Postgraduate scale & Turnitin rubrics

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Turnitin works from a 1-100 percentage scale and does not have the facility to introduce other scales. This is not a problem for undergraduate assessment which is marked as a percentage, but postgraduate assessment at the University is marked using the ‘Postgraduate Scale’.

You have two options for dealing with this.

Create a rubric that returns a value between 1 to 16.
Create a rubric which marks from 1-100. Use Moodle Grade Settings to convert this to the PG letter.

Consult the ‘Creating a rubric’ section in this video. Creating a Turnitin Assignment and the basics of marking student papers (VIDEO)
You may also find the guidance on our ‘Assignment Chooser’ page helpful.
Please feel free to consult with your campus learning technologist if you have a query about how to set up your assignments.