Tracking progress

Tracking Progress & Interaction

Whilst there are ongoing projects within Information Services looking at analytics software, there are a number of Course Administration Reports built into Moodle that offer tutors lots of information on student activity now. That information can be used to highlight student engagement, popularity of course resources etc but also help evidence response to student claims that ‘Moodle was broken so I couldn’t submit my assignment’

    • Gradebook & User Report
    • Logs
    • Activity Reports
    • Course Participation
    • Statistics
Simple User Report

Simple User Report

Axiomatic but all activities that generate a grade are reported to the Gradebook and act as a primary mechanism for recording student grades and presenting them to students via their User Report.

But alongside these we also have Logs.

These can be used at course and site level to find information on when individual students or all users have accessed or viewed resources. They can be useful for

Log example

  • General checking of access
  • Check when or if a problem (sic) or student claiming they were unable to access Moodle or submit work has accessed or attempted to access resources etc
    • Can you think of any other uses?

Activity Reports are different from the logs & live logs and work at a course level.

Can be used to find:

  • simple information on number of views.
  • Related blog entries
  • Last accessed date/time

Activity Report

Would this report offer much information that can be used to help students?



The Course Participation report as name suggests this allows tutors to generate Course based report on each activity or resource within the course up to a period of 1 year.

Course Participation Report 1

Course Participation Report 2







The report can be filtered by Groups and tutors can select students to message directly from the report.

Statistics are connected to the Course Logs and can offer a broad strokes overview.

We can generally see a peaks in the graphs around assessment points!

Activity log for course

Activity log for course

Tutor Initiated Reports

Once we look outside the standard reports the options require tutors to link interaction with specific learning objectives or activities.

One of the most useful perhaps is Activity Completion Tracking.

We first have to enable Completion Tracking in the course settings, once this has been enabled  students can tick each box as a reminder to themselves or Activity Completion conditions can be attached by tutors to any or all resources and activities.

This allows tutors to ‘front-load’ course management and ensure students view/access all materials rather than skipping to assessment criteria.

Can also be used in conjunction with ‘Restrict access’

–Imagine ABC where we want the student to read the coursework & do the quiz until they reach certain grade before they can submit the assignment.

–A: coursework – student needs to read before being able to take quiz

–B: Quiz (self-assessment) – student needs to gain at least 70% before they can submit assignment

–C: Assignment

Once conditions (view, receive grade, passed etc) have been met for A, B becomes available and so on.

This is reflected both on course page with Checkbox visible to students and within a Report for tutors.

This report gives a quick graphical summary of completion status and can be downloaded as Excel file.

Activity Completion Report