Learning Technologies

The use of technology to enhance learning, teaching and assessment is a key aspect of the student experience here at Edinburgh Napier University. As such the University provides and supports a range of learning technologies which can be used to help with learning and teaching delivery depending upon the teaching aims of the module or programme. For an overview of how these technologies can be used in a range of learning & teaching contexts then view the presentation below which was part of the Research and Learning Showcase, Wednesday 19 June 2019.


Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to a create personalised learning environment.

Moodle Induction for Academics is a course that puts you in the role of a student to experience the full breadth of what Moodle has to offer. It is aimed at academics or any staff who are new to Moodle, or just feel they have never had a chance to explore it properly in their own time. Click the above course link, then follow the prompt to enrol yourself and your ready to go!

Classroom Voting

Classroom voting at Edinburgh Napier University is available via Mentimeter. The software allows you to present questions for your audience to respond using a web-enabled devices such as laptops, phones & tablets.

Panopto Classroom Recording

Panopto makes it easy to record your classroom presentations and lectures, and to record your computer screen. Camtasia Relay is still available.

Padlet Post-it Boards

Padlet is a collaborative tool which allows staff to create online boards for students (or anyone) to share information using digital post-it notes that contain text, images, links and other types of media.


At the simplest level, Mahara provides users an ePortfolio platform combined with a social networking system. ePortfolio’s are spaces where students can record “evidence of lifelong learning” – such as essays, artwork or other such things they produce that can be stored digitally.


Webex provides a real-time, collaborative web environment for meetings and learning & teaching events. Webex is available for all staff and is accessed from the link below using standard  University IDs and passwords.


The Moodle plugin allows staff to host Webex sessions within a Moodle course so that the session link is conveniently available to enrolled students

Novi Survey

A web-based survey application to facilitate the gathering and analysis of data from different audiences, both on and off campus.

Online Video Service

All staff may host their academic, support, marketing and informational videos for all audiences on the online video server. Log in using your usual network username and password.

Adobe Creative Cloud

The Adobe Creative Cloud applications currently available within the University and full details are available from the staff intranet. You may see this group of applications referred to as the “Creative Design bundle”.