Mentimeter Polling

How to access Mentimeter

Simply follow the link to Alternatively choose to Log in with SSO at the Mentimeter login page and you will be redirected to log in with your university credentials. Then type ‘edinburghnapier’ to find the University account.

  • I don’t have a Mentimeter account
    Follow the steps above and you will receive an email to confirm your account and enable the SSO connection. A Mentimeter account will be automatically created for you within the University subscription.
  • I already have a free Mentimeter account
    Make sure you’re using your university email, otherwise change your email. Follow the login steps above and you will be connected to your Mentimeter account and you will have access to the full Mentimeter feature set.
  • I have a paid Mentimeter subscription
    Decide if you wish to continue using your existing paid subscription until its expiry date or if you wish Mentimeter to cancel it. Contact the Mentimeter support team at and they will help you join the university subscription.

How to use Mentimeter

The Mentimeter Help Center has a wide range of articles organised as follows,

This quick guide to classroom voting by Derek Bruff (Vanderbilt University) suggests strategies for peer instruction, leading class wide discussion, and responding to student learning needs in the classroom.