Staff Guidelines

eSubmission guidelinesThese guidelines provide you with hints and tips to help you set up, download and process student coursework submissions using Turnitin or Moodle assignments. These guidelines should be looked at in conjunction with the step by step user manuals which are linked in the appropriate sections.

We recognise that all assessments are different and you may need to use features we have not discussed here, or benefit from talking through options before deciding what approach to take. Please contact the Learning Technology Support Team or attend one of the training and support events and we can discuss the specific needs of your assessment.

Download the Staff Guidelines for eSubmission

The guidelines cover the following topics for both Turnitin and Moodle assignments;

  1. Preparing the assignment
    • Permitting draft submissions
    • Allocating markers to student groups
    • Anonymous marking
    • Setting the submission deadlines
    • Grading on the post graduate scale
    • Student submission instructions
  2. Managing assignment submissions
    • Student receipting for submissions
    • Staff notifications for submissions
    • Submitting on behalf of a student
    • Collecting submissions
  3. Stages of the marking process
    • Grading and feedback tools
    • Offlline marking and feedback
    • Second markers and double blind marking
    • Returning unratified marks to students
    • External examiner access