School administrators

School administrators have permissions to enrol staff and students onto Moodle modules via SITS/eVision. There is provision through the course enrolment block to enrol via Moodle, however should this should never be used for normal enrolment situations. SITS/eVision generates correct access for the enrolled staff to all downstream systems, including the Exams server.

Moodle for School Administrators

The above document covers the following in detail:

eVision Moodle Enrolments covers how to enrol or remove staff from Moodle modules and is intended to replace the MKR method.

Moodle School Administrator covers the processes that are completed in SITS.

  • Overview of moodle sites and user roles
  • Creating moodle sites
  • Access to moodle sites
  • Rolling forward academic sessions
  • Troubleshooting

Course Enrolment covers the processes that can be completed within Moodle directly.

  • Additional enrolments
  • Crosslisted courses
  • Learning spaces

Moodle Support Interface covers how to query Moodle user and course information.

  • Search for a user and view their moodle course access details
  • Search for a course and view all the users with access
  • Search for a crosslisted course and view the child courses