Mahara ePortfolio

Example Mahara page

At the simplest level, Mahara provides users an ePortfolio platform combined with a social networking system.

[View the latest post on the Mahara ePortfolio upgrade.]

ePortfolio’s are spaces where students can record “evidence of lifelong learning” – such as essays, artwork or other such things they produce that can be stored digitally.

  • Structured approach to reflect upon student development
  • Provides an online vehicle / tool for collation of student progress
  • Online space for students coursework, professional portfolio development
  • Provides alternative assessment format to standard essay or poster creation
  • But Mahara is much more than just a place to store files. Mahara also includes blogging, a CV builder, and Moodle integration

Providing your students access to Mahara is done by adding the My Portfolio block to your Moodle module using  ‘Add a Block’

For staff applying for HEA Fellowship via En Route, Mahara will be required so you may want to add the My Portfolio block to your Course Overview page to make it quicker to access.

Contact your campus Learning Technology Advisor or Stephen Bruce (Information Services) for further information on how to create groups and share templates.

Access after graduation

Once students graduate they will no longer have access to their University Mahara ePortfolio however they can register for the open portfolios service and then import their Mahara contents for continued access.

To use the open portfolios service, students must register with a personal email account and agree to the rules of acceptable use. Students will receive an email receipt of their request, and after approval by Information Services they will be emailed instructions to complete the account creation process.

Students must import the content from their University Mahara ePortfolio before their University account expires, and this demonstration video (no sound) provides guidance on the export/import process.

Mobile browser access

When accessing Mahara from a mobile device the pages will be displayed in a mobile friendly theme:

Mobile apps

MaharaDroid enables Android phones to share or upload content to a Mahara. Download the app from the Google Play store and follow the instructions to set up your connection.

PortfolioUP enables iOS devices to upload images direct to your Mahara files area. Download the app from iTunes store and support is available from the website.