Importing content

An empty module site is created in Moodle for every module occurrence in SITS, and so it will be necessary to copy content from previous versions into new versions of the module. If two modules are to be joined together (‘crosslisted‘), then any content from a previous crosslist or a ‘child’ course will need to be imported into the new ‘parent’ course.

The two methods to copy content are Import or Backup & Restore.

Import method (usual method)

Import Content from Another Module (VIDEO)

This is the method when copying content into an empty course. Click the import link and then select your course from the list or search for your course if you have too many in the list. Then follow the prompts to import the content. Panopto videos need to be imported separately either by copying to the new module folder or by sharing the original folder. Imported Turnitin assignments should be deleted and new ones created to avoid any duplication errors.

Backup & Restore method

This method is used to copy content from courses on different Moodle tenancies (e.g. from the to

Click the backup link and select the course items to be included in the backup file. Follow the prompts to create the backup file and then download it to your computer.

Now go to the course which is to receive the content and click the Restore link. Upload the backup file and click the restore button, and then follow the prompts to complete the restore process.

For help and support with your course content, contact your local Learning Technology Advisor.