Uses of a ‘Part 2’ on a Turnitin Assignment

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An interesting problem with a Turnitin assignment came in at lunchtime a few days ago.

A lecturer reported that students’ marks were being graded downwards. For example, a student who had been awarded a Pass on their Turnitin rubric was showing as a Fail back in the Turnitin gradebook window.

A little scrutiny revealed that this Turnitin assignment had two parts. ‘Part 1’ was for receiving on-time assignments and ‘Part 2’ was for receiving ‘Extensions and Late Submissions’. Nice idea, but since both are graded items of work with a (postgraduate scale) maximum mark of 16, this set up meant that students were effectively getting marked out of 32, hence the downgrading.

The lesson here is only use a ‘Part 2’ if 1) You have a genuine multi-part assignment
or 2) The ‘Part 2’ element has a zero mark.