Assignments With Video Submissions

Moodle can accept video submissions from students as individuals or as part of a group.

If the video is being submitted as part of a group assignment, please also read the guidance on Undergraduate Group Assignments or Postgraduate Group Assignments.

To enable video submission, select ‘Video Assignment’ in the ‘Submission Types’ section of the assignment settings.

See the following staff and student guides for more detailed information.

If a lecturer wishes to provide video feedback this can be done by enabling ‘Video Feedback’ in the ‘Feedback’ section of the assignment settings. This will ensure, as with the student submissions, that the video is stored and delivered on the University’s video server.

Videos must never be directly uploaded to Moodle itself, as this can degrade the performance of the entire University Moodle system. If in doubt about how to proceed with your video materials, contact your campus learning technologist or email