Undergraduate Group Assignment

Group Assignment is a Moodle assignment feature, which allows one student to submit on behalf of their group and for a lecturer’s marking to cascade to all members of the group.

It necessitates groups being finalised prior to setting up the assignment.

You can see the options for creating groups and allowing students to self-allocate into the groups in the first section of the video referenced below.

Once the Groups are created, the assignment can be set up. The groups cannot be changed once the assignment is set up.

The ‘Students Must Submit in Groups’ setting can be set to ‘No’ to allow students who did not make it into groups to submit on their own behalf.  

Because of the inflexibility of Moodle Group Assignments, in some cases it may be easier and more practical not to activate this feature and to simply copy your marking for each student in a group (you can use your groups as a filtering tool to facilitate this).

Group Assignments and Turnitin
Although Turnitin itself is unable to process group assignments, you can now add Turnitin Feedback Studio to a Moodle group assignment. There is however an important limitation. Only the submitter of the assignment can see the rubric feedback, not the other members of the group. You can work around this by downloading your rubric feedback for the submitting student as a PDF document and adding this to the Moodle ‘feedback files’ area. All students in the group have access to this area and so will be able to see the feedback document.

The following video covers all aspects of creating groups and group assignments.

Creating Groups and Group Assignments (VIDEO)

A learning technologist will be happy to discuss all aspects of your group assignment and check it for you before it goes live. Contact your campus learning technologist directly or contact learningtechnologysupport@napier.ac.uk