Releasing Grades to Students

In Moodle as soon as you have Graded an assignment or students have completed a quiz etc by default the Grades are instantly available to them via the User Report.

So you need to think about when you want them to be available.


With quizzes one of the major benefits is the instancy of results but you may want to build in a delay to the grades & feedback being released so that any special arrangements can be met or moderation based on question analysis.

One way to release the grades is based on the Close Date of the quiz and selecting “after the quiz is closed” as the Review Options. In Figure 1 we can see that within the quiz settings we have enabled the Open & close dates, and in Figure 2 we have switched off all the review options other than ‘After the quiz is closed”

So very simply we have made sure that feedback including Marks is only available after the Quiz is closed

grade_release_1Figure 1: Enable Open & Close dates of quizzes

grade_release_2Figure 2: Quiz review options


For assignments you may wish to release all grades at the same time so students stop asking has theirs been marked yet. There is also the need to build in time for moderation or ensure students with late submissions cannot benefit from feedback you have provided to others.

Napier has a 3 week window for marking and return of grades to students so when using Moodle we should look at which settings allow us to set this up and where they are.

Moodle makes this quite easy, for an Assignment we can go the Categories & Items view of the Grades and by clicking on the cog icon for the relevant Grade Item we can hide this grade from the User report whilst attaching a date when the grades will be released to students.


Figure 3: Grade item settings ‘Hidden until’

Turnitin Grademark Assignments

For those using Grademark one simply needs to set the Post Date of the Assignment to 3 weeks after the Due Date as in Figure 4.

The Post Date is when Turnitin & Grademark sends grades back to Moodle which then makes it available via the User Report.


Figure 4: Turnitin Start, Due & Post Dates