Assessment & feedback section

Students want to know when and how they will engage with assessment and feedback. There should be a dedicated section in every module setting out what students can expect.

  • Provide a clear outline of key dates: when assessment details will be given, when formative assessment will take place, if/when students can expect pre-submission feedback, and summative assessment deadlines. Consider using a countdown timer to make this really clear, especially if you have students working in different time zones.
  • Provide links to assessment resources such as assessment briefs, advice, or whole-class feedback.
  • Describe the various types of feedback offered to students and how you expect them to engage. If students are able to seek out more feedback, detail when and how (e.g. virtual office hours, physical office hours, your email policy).
  • Wherever possible, specify actual dates rather than general timelines. Feedback “within 3 working weeks” can be confusing.
  • Make it clear where you expect students to submit and collect work. If online, make sure that students can see where to upload their files and where to access their grades and feedback. If in person or by post, make sure the time and place are clearly indicated.


“It can also be hard to find essay/exam grades too if these arent available on turnitin”