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Postgraduates: How the Library can help you

Postgraduates: How the Library can help you

For many of our postgraduate students, the holiday season is not quite in full swing yet. Final projects, dissertations and exams continue to loom over the summer period. Not to worry, however. While these huge deadlines and final projects will feel very daunting, the library offers an extensive range of online resources. As well as subject guides as well as various in-person training and study sessions ran by our subject librarians, who can also offer tailored 1:1 support all year round if needed. We do, of course, also have our shelves stocked with a range of up-to-date literature and print resources.  And our research collection offers guides for enhancing research and academic writing skills such as referencing, literature reviews, quantitative and qualitative analysis, survey methods and report writing.

Our Online Resources

Our trusty LibGuides are tailored to effectively assist you with finding relevant information in a specific subject area. They feature information and advice on searching for relevant print and e-resources such as books and journal articles, recommend websites and databases. And information about how to get in touch with your subject librarian for additional assistance with accessing any further recourses you may require. You can also find our A-Z list of databases we are subscribed to for all your research needs with trial access included. Our detailed subject guides also cover every school within the university. We also have guides for conducting a literature review, critical thinking skills, reference management systems and referencing styles such as APA 7th.

Training and Events Calendar…

Throughout the year, library staff run a variety of workshops and training sessions. These are to assist you in developing and enhancing your academic skillset. The sessions are easily bookable through Libcal for students and staff. Like our Libguide, the sessions and workshops cover research skills such as conducting literature reviews, utilising reference management systems such as Endnote and Mendeley. Library help for your specific subject area and database searching skills. These are only a few examples of the training sessions we offer. Do not worry if one of the sessions you wish to attend is fully booked as well – our library staff often run several of the same workshops throughout the year to provide students and staff with the most opportunity possible to attend!

Find out more about our training and events calendar in our Home – Edinburgh Napier University webpage. You can also access our full and up-to-date calendar through here as well.

Other ways in which our libraries can support postgraduate and postgraduate study…

Whether you seek a silent study space to work with no distractions, or a group study space to collaborate with classmates. We even have somewhere to relax and unwind from your studies. Each campus library offers a range of study spaces tailored to your individual and research needs. We also have bookable rooms and study spaces which can be reserved through Resource Booker. A majority of them are also equipped with a PC, whiteboard, and plasma screen. And a family study roomsat Merchiston campus for students with young children. These study rooms feature small tables and chairs, child-sized bean bags and toys to keep them occupied while you study! You can read more about family study rooms and our regulations on our Family Study Room webpage on My Napier.

As well as our study spaces and bookable rooms, we also offer relaxation spaces in each campus library for when our students require a break and some time away from the textbooks. These cosy corners are usually equipped with comfortable seating such as sofas and armchairs, leaflets, and jigsaw puzzles. They are usually situated near our windows to let in the natural light. You can read more about our well-being collection and what kinds of books are featured within it in our  LibGuide.


We wish our postgraduate students the best of luck with their studies over the summer and their futures and careers going forward.

By Rachel Downie


A range of postgraduate posts

History of Napier

History of Napier

Ever wonder how the name Napier in Edinburgh Napier University? Ever wonder about the old tower on Merchiston Campus? Or the statue placed by the tower? Well, wonder no more.  We are going to look at the History of Napier.

John Napier

John Napier, eighth Laird of Merchiston, was born in Merchiston Tower in Edinburgh in 1550. He died in Merchiston Tower in 1617, the very tower that stands in the centre of Merchiston Campus.

John Napier is most ‘famous for his contributions to the world of Mathematics. His invention of logarithms decoded previously unexplored complexities within mathematics and inspired contemporaries, as well as future generations, to pursue and realise their own academic achievements in many fields of scientific inquiry. His later introduction of a series of calculating devices ensured mathematics was applied to common use and enabled the development of entrepreneurialism’ (Napier.ac.uk/ourHistory)

Today, logarithms are an internal part of Science, Engineering and Computing.

Napier’s dedication to the Protestant Faith is well-documented and it is suggested by some historians that he considered his book Plaine Discovery of the Whole Revelation of St John as his finest work.  It is his interpretation of the Protestant Christian Bible’s Book Revelation.  A time of change in Scotland including the dethronement of Mary, Queen of Scots and the coronation of James VI.

John Napier also had a number of other inventions including Machines of War and Archimedes Screw (one of the earliest hydraulic machines) and Common Salts.

John Napier died in 1617, nearly 350 years later, Edinburgh Napier University began it’s journey.

Edinburgh Napier University

Our foundations go all the way back to the 16th century. But in the last five decades has seen us grow into a globally renowned institution. Opened our doors as Napier Technical College in 1964, welcoming 800 students. To now, home to over 19500 students from over 140 countries. In 1992, Napier is officially inaugurated as a University. Lord James Douglas Hamilton and Principal William Turmeau unveil the new University sign at Merchiston.

In 2024, Edinburgh Napier wins the 2024 Higher Educational Institution of the Year.

At Edinburgh Napier University, we believe in the importance of making a difference. While we’ve risen in rankings and grown in scope over the years, we’ve stayed true to our heritage as an applied technical institution. For our students and researchers, this means that learning and discovery don’t just take place in the lab or the classroom, it happen in the real world.

We’ve come a long way from 1550.

A timetable of Edinburgh Napier University.

Read about our Heritage


Class of 2024

Class of 2024.

Well done and many hearty congratulations to the class of 2024. Today is the start of our Summer graduations at the Usher Hall on Lothian Road. Starting off with the School of Applied Sciences. And finishing with the School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment and School of Health and Social Care. We congratulate you and wish you all the best for future endeavours.

Graduations 2024

Graduations are a special time of year for everyone at Edinburgh Napier University. And there is certainly a buzz of excitement at the University. Our graduations are being held at the Usher Hall. The Usher Hall came about at the end of the 19th Century, with Whisky brewer Andrew Usher gifting £100 000 to the City of Edinburgh. According to the Bank of England, that’s roughly over 11 million pounds. The dream was that the Usher Hall would ‘become and remain a centre and attraction to musical artistes and performers and to the citizens of Edinburgh and others…’ (UsherHall.co.uk).  Unfortunately, Andrew Usher died before he saw his dreams come to reality, Usher Hall was opened in March 1914. Since then Usher Hall has been a pinnacle in the city centre and the home of our graduations.

The auditorium will open one hour before the start of the ceremony. All guests and graduands (graduating students) must be seated at least 20 minutes before the beginning of the ceremony.  Then the Academic Procession and the Chancellor’s Procession enter the auditorium. The Chancellor of the University will declare the ceremony open and deliver his opening address. And the graduating ceremony begins. MyNapier Graduations has more information. 

Well done Class of 2024

We just want to say congratulations one more time. The library is truly proud of all the work achieved and accomplished. We are wishing the very best for the future. And don’t forget, you can join the Alumni Network.  

Which will give you endless library visits and you can always follow the blog.



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