Class of 2024.

Well done and many hearty congratulations to the class of 2024. Today is the start of our Summer graduations at the Usher Hall on Lothian Road. Starting off with the School of Applied Sciences. And finishing with the School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment and School of Health and Social Care. We congratulate you and wish you all the best for future endeavours.

Graduations 2024

Graduations are a special time of year for everyone at Edinburgh Napier University. And there is certainly a buzz of excitement at the University. Our graduations are being held at the Usher Hall. The Usher Hall came about at the end of the 19th Century, with Whisky brewer Andrew Usher gifting £100 000 to the City of Edinburgh. According to the Bank of England, that’s roughly over 11 million pounds. The dream was that the Usher Hall would ‘become and remain a centre and attraction to musical artistes and performers and to the citizens of Edinburgh and others…’ (  Unfortunately, Andrew Usher died before he saw his dreams come to reality, Usher Hall was opened in March 1914. Since then Usher Hall has been a pinnacle in the city centre and the home of our graduations.

The auditorium will open one hour before the start of the ceremony. All guests and graduands (graduating students) must be seated at least 20 minutes before the beginning of the ceremony.  Then the Academic Procession and the Chancellor’s Procession enter the auditorium. The Chancellor of the University will declare the ceremony open and deliver his opening address. And the graduating ceremony begins. MyNapier Graduations has more information. 

Well done Class of 2024

We just want to say congratulations one more time. The library is truly proud of all the work achieved and accomplished. We are wishing the very best for the future. And don’t forget, you can join the Alumni Network.  

Which will give you endless library visits and you can always follow the blog.