National Paranormal Day

National Paranormal Day: May 3rd 2023


There are things out there and around us we cannot explain. Stranger than fact or fiction or known to science. An eerie feeling, an unexpected sound in an empty room or building. Something you swore you saw out of the corner of your eye but isn’t there anymore. Was it just your imagination having fun or is it something other people have experienced and seen too.

Ghost Stories

Unsettling vibes, a cold chill running down your spine as your mind begins to move into hyper drive. Stories of ghosts and hauntings both benign and not so, come to mind, when angry poltergeist spirts want you gone. You take the hint and walk away whilst trying to remain composed and thinking about something else, other than the last horror movie you’ve seen. Well guess what……Shhhhh, this is between me and you, Craiglockhart campus has its own paranormal secrets too, see Ghost Stories: A spooky tale of haunted Campuses by clicking on this link below:

Ghost Stories: A spooky tale of haunted Campuses – The Library Blog (

Or share with us your own paranormal experiences in the comments box below, just for fun, if you dare…


International Paranormal day, bringing together people who have experienced or are interested in strange unexplainable things. To share their stories and possibly shed light on how common these mysteries, we cannot quite explain through scientific or other means, are.

Read about our spooky campuses and paranormal encounters at Craiglockhart Campus

or celebrate the day with a ghost tour around Edinburgh through city of tours

photo source Florian Lidin

By Mo Almas