Computer Science

More details on how to apply for the following PhD funded studentships, can be found here.

AI-driven Conversational Storytelling with Humans in Natural Language 

Supervisor: Dr Yanchao Yu 

Trustworthy Exploration of Large Portfolio with Ensemble Topic Mapping

Supervisor: Dr Pierre Le Bras

Characterising Automatically Generated Text

Supervisor: Dr Peter J Barclay

Query Performance Prediction for Sparse and Dense Retrieval Models 

Supervisor: Dr Md Zia Ullah

Genetic Programming for Diagram Generation

Supervisor: Dr Peter Chapman

Defeating complex families of malware using evolutionary based adversarial learning

Supervisor: Dr Kehinde Oluwatoyin Babaagba

Photoacoustic Image Reconstruction with Generative Adversarial Networks

Supervisor: Dr Shufan Yang

Applied Machine Learning And Cybersecurity

Supervisor: Dr Christos Chrysoulas

Assessing the early impact of data skills training initiatives

Supervisor: Dr Khristin Fabian