Applied Informatics

More details on how to apply for the following PhD funded studentships, can be found here.

Social Robotics

Supervisor: Dr Frauke Zeller

Interactive Digital Storytelling

Supervisor: Dr Ingi Helgason

Behaviour change for Cybersecurity: Increasing awareness and reducing susceptibility

Supervisor: Dr JP Vargheese

The use of digital media tools in creative placemaking practice

Supervisor: Dr Tanis Grandison

The role of digital technologies in shifts towards sustainable behaviours – empowering end user engagement through user-centred design

Supervisor: Dr Ashley Morton

Playful engagement with Politics in the time of misinformation

Supervisor: Dr Hanne Wagner

Designing Meaningful Mixed Reality Experiences

Supervisor: Dr Dimitri Darzentas

Human Information Behaviours in Digital or Online Environments

Supervisor: Dr Frances Ryan

Playing in the Past: Investigating User Experience Design in Historical Games

Supervisor: Dr Iain Donald

Safe City Sound Map

Supervisor: Dr Rod Selfridge

Sound design for VR/AR hill and mountain navigation training and safety

Supervisor: Dr Balandino Di Donato

Multimodal Applications for Cognitive Differences

Supervisor: Dr John McGowan

An Empirical Analysis of Ethical, High Quality, Open Metadata

Supervisor: Dr Diane Pennington