Applied Informatics 2024 PhDs

Applied Informatics is one of the largest subject groups in the School of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment with over 35 full time staff and a growing PhD community. We host a range of undergraduate degree and MSc programmes that align with our staff’s broad range of research interests. These include Assistive and Inclusive Technologies, Communities and Creative practices, Digital Media, Experience Design, Education and Widening Participation, Human-Computer Interaction, Human-Robot Interaction, Responsible AI, Participation, Social Informatics, Sound Design, User Experience. We have an active research community that publishes in international and world leading journals or conferences.

Self funded PhDs

A new model for information literacies of community representatives

Supervisor – Dr Peter Cruickshank

Trust, risk and digital identity for digitally-unsure citizens

Supervisor – Dr Peter Cruickshank

Designing Meaningful Mixed Reality Experiences

Supervisor – Dr Dimitrios Darzentas

Understanding Barriers and Facilitators to technology adoption among older adults: a mixed-methods approach

Supervisor – Dr Wegene Demeke

Augmented Audio Soundscape Design for Enhanced Experiences

Supervisor – Dr Balandino Di Donato

Playing in the Past: Investigating User Experience Design in Historical Games

Supervisor – Dr Iain Donald

Investigating digital approaches to creating meaningful experiences of place

Supervisor – Dr Tanis Grandison

Designing Interactive Digital Storytelling Experiences

Supervisor – Dr Ingi Helgason

Interpreting and interacting with archives and collections from the perspective of the creative practitioner

Supervisor – Dr Ingi Helgason

Multimodal Applications for Cognitive Differences

Supervisor – Dr John McGowan

The role of digital technologies in shifts towards sustainable behaviours – empowering end user engagement through user-centred design

Supervisor – Dr Ashley Morton

DDSP in Procedural Audio Sound Effects

Supervisor – Dr Rod Selfridge

Equally Safe Sound Design

Supervisor – Dr Rod Selfridge

Behaviour change for Cybersecurity

Supervisor – Dr JP Vargheese

Intelligent proxies to support health and social care for older adults

Supervisor – Dr JP Vargheese

Playful engagement with Politics in the time of misinformation

Supervisor – Dr Hanne Wagner

Agile Coaching and Organisational Learning

Supervisor – Dr Pritam Chita

Using ontologies to explain AI based risk assessment

Supervisor – Dr David Haynes

Human Computer Interaction

Supervisor – Dr Iain McGregor

Evaluating Novel Immersive & Interactive Technologies in Higher Education

Supervisor – Dr Debbie Meharg

The use digital tools and online information for the self-management of health

Supervisor – Dr Frances Ryan

More than Human Design

Supervisor – Dr Michael Smyth

Remix Culture and AI tools for Creativity

Supervisor – Dr Michael Smyth

Tangible interfaces in creative practice

Supervisor – Dr Michael Smyth

Coping with Social Robots and Artificial Intelligence in the Context of Care

Supervisor – Dr Emilia Sobolewska

Designing Social Robots

Supervisor – Dr Emilia Sobolewska

Shaping Tomorrow: PhD Opportunity in Social Robotics and AI Research

Supervisor – Prof. Frauke Zeller