Built Environment

More details on how to apply for the following PhD funded studentships, can be found here.

Application of moveable constructions in sustainable building alteration and addition: an innovative retrofit strategy across the UK

Supervisor: Dr Mina Jowkar

Digital Twin and BIM-based prediction model for whole-life carbon assessment in the early stage of the building projects

Supervisor: Dr Nirodha Fernando

Spatial Housing Market Spill-overs in the UK

Supervisor: Dr Cletus Moobela

Technologies Mapping to Achieve Zero Energy and Emissions in Districts

Supervisor: Dr Behrang Vand

Assessment framework for Inclusive Sustainable Public Places

Supervisor: Dr Inji Kenawy

Geotechnical Seismic Isolation Technology for Global Earthquake Resilience and Environmental Sustainability

Supervisor: Dr Juan Bernal-Sanchez

BIM-based expert system for predicting CO2 emissions at the project design phase decision-making

Supervisor: Dr Timothy Olawumi

From 3D Digital Documentation to Structural interventions for historic masonry structures

Supervisor: Dr Aikaterini Marinelli

Build back better housing reconstruction: A framework for post-disaster sustainable recovery assessment

Supervisor: Dr Lina Khaddour

Building Performance in a Changing Climate

Supervisor: Dr Masoud Sajjadian