Built Environment 2024 PhDs

In the built environment group, we have excellent architectural technology, computing, engineering and construction lab facilities. The group houses leading UK research centres exploring a wide range of topics such as Digital Design and Architectural Technology, Sustainable Construction, Transport, Offsite Construction and Innovative Structures, Energy and Building Performance, Interactions between Buildings and People, Timber Engineering and Wood Science, Smart City Strategies, Net Zero Strategies and much more.

Self funded Phds

The influence of particle characteristics on the field-scale geomechanical behaviour of soils

Supervisor – Dr Daniel Barreto

Environmental Impact of Construction on Peatlands

Supervisor – Dr Juan Bernal-Sanchez

Geotechnical Seismic Isolation Technology for Global Earthquake Resilience and Environmental Sustainability

Supervisor – Dr Juan Bernal-Sanchez

Improving Post Contract Cost-Control Estimates using Artificial learning (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Supervisor – Dr Nimi Dan-Jumbo

The effectiveness of School Street Closures: Impact evaluation

Supervisor – Prof. Adrian Davis

The concept of sustainability in ground approvement methods

Supervisor – Dr Vasiliki Dimitriadi

An agent-based modelling approach to assess the decision-making strategies in community-scale flood resilience

Supervisor – Prof. Nirodha Fernando

Optimising Building Morphology Parameters and Lowering Embodied Carbon in Buildings Through Multi-Objective Optimisation

Supervisor – Prof. Nirodha Fernando

Development of an AI-enabled tool for managing post-covid risks in UK healthcare system

Supervisor – Dr Dubem Ikediashi

Exploring the impact of digital FM technologies on net zero commitments of the UK FM industry

Supervisor – Dr Dubem Ikediashi

Application of mobile construction as an innovative strategy for building retrofit alteration and addition across the UK

Supervisor – Dr Mina Jowkar

Innovative Building Services Renovation in Scottish Zero Emission Neighbourhoods

Supervisor – Dr Mina Jowkar

Assessment Framework for Inclusive Sustainable Public Places

Supervisor – Dr Inji Kenawy

Digitally twinned rating systems for low energy housing in Scotland

Supervisor – Dr Inji Kenawy

Spatial decision support analysis for sustainable mobility policies

Supervisor – Dr Inji Kenawy

A systematic comparison of multiple building structures in steel, concrete, and timber: combining energy signatures, building energy simulations and archetype approach

Supervisor – Dr. Lina Khaddour

Development of comprehensive multi-residential building retrofit, using archetype, cost-optimal and net-zero approach

Supervisor – Dr. Lina Khaddour

Investigating the Economic and Environmental Sustainability of Using Nanoparticle-Reinforced Recycled Building Materials

Supervisor – Dr Lina Khaddour

Building back better: Integrated assessment for post-disaster housing configuration mitigation and resilience

Supervisor – Dr. Lina Khaddour

Development of a deconstructable timber system to optimise design for manufacture, assembly & disassembly (DfMA+D)

Supervisor – Dr Andrew Livingstone

Low-cost digital twin for building performance monitoring and control system operation

Supervisor – Dr Andrew Livingstone

From 3D Digital Documentation to Structural interventions for historic masonry structures

Supervisor – Dr Aikaterini Marinelli

Optimizing restoration techniques on historic masonry walls

Supervisor – Dr Aikaterini Marinelli

Intervention without violation of natural order: A complex adaptive systems (CAS) perspective of sustainable urban development

Supervisor – Dr Cletus Moobela

Spatial Housing Market Spillovers in the UK

Supervisor – Dr Cletus Moobela

BIM-based expert system for predicting CO2 emissions at the project design phase decision-making

Supervisor – Dr. Timothy Olawumi

A Model for Adopting Metaverse Technologies for Enhanced Construction Safety Training and Implementation

Supervisor – Dr Temidayo Osunsanmi

Enhancing Real Estate Transactions through the Metaverse: Focus on Property Tours and Design Visualization

Supervisor – Dr. Temidayo Osunsanmi

Grading for reuse and remanufacturing of structural timber

Supervisor – Dr Dan Ridley-Ellis

A Framework to Use Parallel Computing and Simulations for Net-Zero Built Environment

Supervisor – Dr Masoud Sajjadian

The role of smart phone data and travel information to improve travel planning and sustainability

Supervisor – Prof. Wafaa Saleh

Empowering Sustainable Districts: A Blueprint for Low-Carbon Energy Excellence

Supervisor – Behrang Vand

Smart Cities 4.0

Supervisor – Prof. Mark Deakin

Engineered Timber Solutions for Circularity

Supervisor – Prof. Robert Hairstans

The Impact of Climate Change on Timber in Construction

Supervisor – Prof. Robert Hairstans

Achieving changes in private car ownership and use in rural areas of Scotland and the role of car sharing schemes as an instrument to achieve sustainable transport

Supervisor – Professor Pat Langdon

Advances in Sustainable Structural Materials – An Experimental and Numerical Investigation to Assess the Structural Performance of Timber Concrete Composites

Supervisor – Dr Aamir Khokhar

Human Induced Vibration in Floors – an Investigation to assess influence of construction parameters on vibrational performance of residential timber floors

Supervisor – Dr Aamir Khokhar

Sustainable Earthquake Protection for Developing World

Supervisor – Dr John McDougall