Engineering and Mathematics

More details on how to apply for the following PhD funded studentships, can be found here.

Decarbonising the maritime transport with ammonia

Supervisor: Dr Stathis Tingas

PV soiling – Design of sustainable cleaning system

Supervisor: Dr Nazmi Sellami

Model order reduction of (bio-)chemical kinetics and epidemiological systems

Supervisor: Dr Chris Guiver

Computational modelling of flexible wave energy converters

Supervisor: Dr Chennakesava Kadapa

Design and Simulation of Adaptive Product-Service System for Distributed Manufacturing

Supervisor: Dr Gokula Vasantha

Stochastic randomized control on bicycle balance

Supervisor: Dr Yuyang Zhou

The feasibility of Space-based Solar Power for Terrestrial use

Supervisor: Dr Firdaus Muhammad Sukki

A Tool for Designing In-Vehicle Technology and Assess Operators’ Distractibility

Supervisor: Dr Adelaide Marzano

Development of recyclable bio-based materials with potential in packaging

Supervisor: Dr Reza Salehiyan

Analysis and Arithmetic

Supervisor: Dr Kevin Hughes