Cyber Security & Systems Engineering

More details on how to apply for the following PhD funded studentships, can be found here.

Control of Utility-Scale renewable energy power plants for compensating variable generation and providing Ancillary Services to the grid

Supervisor: Dr Jubaer Ahmed

Physical layer security for connected autonomous vehicles

Supervisor: Dr Petros Karadimas

Mobile Edge Solutions for Energy and Performance Improvement in Wireless Sensor Networks

Supervisor: Dr Craig Thomson

Realising Internet-scale Network Telemetry

Supervisor: Dr Matthew Broadbent

Mitigating the Threat of Digital Media Produced or Modified by Artificial Intelligence (AI): A Digital Forensics Perspective

Supervisor: Dr Sean McKeown

MIMO and Phased Array Antenna Systems for 5G/6G Wireless Communications

Supervisor: Dr Naser Ojaroudi Parchin

Microwave Long Range Wireless Power Transfer System

Supervisor: Dr Chan Hwang See

Privacy-preserving Systems around Security, Trust and Identity

Supervisor: Dr Pavlos Papadopoulos

Intelligent and Privacy-preserving security solutions for IoT networks

Supervisor: Dr Isam Wadhaj

Quantum Metasurfaces for Cybersecurity Applications

Supervisor: Dr Luigi La Spada

Smart, and Energy-Efficient Countermeasures for the IoT Security Attacks

Supervisor: Dr Baraq Ghaleb

Multimodal Sentiment Analysis in Mental healthcare monitoring

Supervisor: Dr Kia Dashtipour

An AI-based biometrics facial recognition continuous authentication framework and protocols for Shoulder Surfing Attacks

Supervisor: Dr Zeeshan Siddiqui