Exams and Wellbeing

The first day of exams is today. We will be looking at the important dynamic between exams and wellbeing.

Study Skills

To ensure success in exams, it is important to develop good study skills. These include organisation, time management, prioritising, and self-discipline.

Set aside time for studying. Create a revision timetable where you can have specific blocks of time to focus on particular topics. Set goals for what you want to achieve during each study session. Prioritising your studies will ensure that you get the most out of each session.

Do not make your study sessions too long. It is better to study for short periods. For example, three one-hour sessions with breaks in between will be more productive than one long three-hour study session.

Use flashcards to remember key information, phrases or concepts on a subject and use these to test your knowledge. This helps you to not only retain the information but to be able to retrieve it quickly.

Regular revision will help you build and retain knowledge. It will also help to keep you focused and avoid panicking.

Relax/Take a break

Exams can be stressful, so it is important to look after yourself. Healthy eating, drinking water and sleeping well are essential to support your learning and memory as well as helping to keep you focused and motivated.

Having regular breaks can help to ease the pressure so be sure to make time to relax and do something you enjoy.

Reward yourself for your progress by doing some kind of activity e.g., walking, running, swimming, cycling, etc. Of course, it does not need to be a form of exercise – just any kind of activity that allows your brain to relax. Meet friends, watch TV or a movie, read, do something creative – anything that allows your brain time to process what you have been studying while doing something you enjoy. You will then be better prepared for your next study session by being more focused and maintaining motivation.

Don’t Stress!

Please do not panic or become overly stressed about your exams. A small amount of stress can be good for us but not when we are overwhelmed by it.

There are several services available to support you if you feel you need help.

Find out more about our support services here: Counselling & Mental Wellbeing

Also, you can check out our Wellbeing Collection for additional resources which offer further support.

Remember – always be kind to yourself.

Good luck!

by Sharon McMichael

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