As can be seen from the pitch video, this project is a cross-media adventure that brings the Wizard of Oz bang up to date.  Toby, Alex, Darren and Ryan created media across several different platforms, encouraging their users to explore and piece together what has happened to the characters.

The images below show some of the media used to tell the story – sketches made by Dorothy, which were hidden within the records on website of the Emerald City hospital where she is being treated and a page from a diary.

Image from the Emerald City hospital website.
Sketches drawn by Dorothy, one of the characters in the story.
A page from the diary, allowing users to learn more abut the characters.

This work was created for Digital Storytelling, one of the year 3 modules on the Digital Media and Interaction Design course.  The module is run  by Dr. Tom Flint and Fiona Stewart.  

Many thanks to the team for allowing us to share their work.