For the honours project Ray investigated different free and low cost animation software, before creating an animatic; proving that you don’t need to spend a lot to get professional results.   The scene was created in 3d space using Blender, an open source software, with the 2d character drawings slotted in between the 3d models.  This allowed Ray to manipulate what the viewer would see in the final piece and create different camera angles and shot types.

Ray has already had some success with the project, winning “Best Poster” at the honours project showcase.

You can see more of Ray’s work here –

An image of a room in a 3d modelling package

The 3D space before colour and filters are used to give the cartoon effect.

An image of a  3d room with a 2d character added within Blender

This image shows how the 2d characters can be placed within the 3d space

Ray's prize winning honours poster

Ray’s prize winning honours poster, which explains the process undertaken

This post is part of a series celebrating the work the year 4 students have created for their honours projects.  Thanks to Ray for allowing us to feature this work.