Yesterday our students became our graduating class of 2019 as they crossed the stage at the Usher hall.  Here are a few pictures taken by 3rd year student Mari-Nikol Panteva and Lecturer John Morrison to celebrate.  We’re all very proud of what our graduates have achieved so far and wish them every success with whatever happens next.  Keep in touch!

Wilf crossing the stage – look at the size of the crowd – eek!

Lecturers Tom and Andrew with Martin and Lyle


Isa- winner of the class medal and the School of Computing KTP prize, with her supervisor Tom.


Kelsey, Martin, Andrew and Wilf

Rachele, Fiona and Kelsey

Lyle, Grant and Jack

Tatiana and Tom

DM Global students Luka, Antonella and Daniel with John.

Erik and Ally out front

Found a photo with Mark in!

Brilliant day – will miss you all!