For her honours project Anna Llompart Reus developed “Mindscape”,  a Virtual Reality game developed with Unreal Engine 5, featuring six different levels. Mindscape aims to boost mental wellbeing among university students by intertwining Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness in an immersive narrative. The project explores VR’s effectiveness compared to non-VR interventions, highlighting VR’s potential for enhanced immersion and interaction in mental health support.
Anna concluded that although further research is required to fully comprehend the impact of VR for wellbeing, her project indicated  a promising avenue for digital mental health interventions.
The images below show some of the detail of the project and you can see more of Anna’s work here – ArtStation – Anna Llompart
Anna’s poster describes the process she followed during the project.
The Main hub that allows users to choose their path through the game
Glowing objects highlight interactions
Soft lighting helps to create a calm atmosphere
A bright calm environment was created
The Apothercary
Again, lighting was key to creating the calming atmosphere
Interiors contain lots of areas for users to explore

This post is part of a series celebrating the work the year 4 students have created for their honours projects.  Thanks to Anna for allowing us to feature this work.