In this project by Ashley, Eli, Khloe, Molly and Zak the user plays the part of a time traveller, learning about significant moments from Edinburgh’s history as they take part in an augmented reality location based game on their mobile device. The story is inspired by the 12 Labours of Heracles – some of the work from the group’s concept book showing how the story was developed can be seen below.

One of the character diamonds, with colour and backstory information
Items that users must locate within the augmented reality game
Concept images showing some of the different “Labours”

Designs showing some of the augmented reality and location based game elements.

This work was created for Digital Storytelling, one of the year 3 modules on the Digital Media and Interaction Design course.  The module is run  by Dr. Tom Flint and Fiona Stewart.  

Many thanks to the group for allowing us to share their work.