Celebrating LGBT+ History Month

February is the month we celebrate LGBT+ History here in the UK. It is a month-long celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and non-binary history, including the history of LGBT+ rights and related civil rights movements. In the United Kingdom, we celebrate it in February to coincide with the 2003 abolition of Section 28.

What we are doing

Here at the Library, we think it is incredibly important to support and promote equality and diversity. Furthermore, we are working hard to create more inclusive collections and to support our LGBT+ users and staff. For example, we are currently creating a permanent LGBT+ virtual bookshelf here on our blog, and we are training our staff to be inclusive in their actions and the language they use.


If you are an LGBT+ student you can join EdinburghΒ Napier’s LGBT+ Society. Β  You can also find out more about the student LGBT+ community on the Queer NapierΒ site. Staff can join theΒ University’s thriving LGBT+ Network or you can visit our web pagesΒ to learn more about becoming an ally.

In addition, The Library has a wealth of books and articles on the subject. From the history of LGBT+ rights to current Legal information to keep you informed. Use LibrarySearchΒ to find what you are looking for, orΒ contact usΒ for help with any of your research needs.Β 

Here are some items available through the Library to get you started:Β 

Same-sex, different politics: success and failure in the struggles over gay rights

Lgbt Activism and the Making of Europe A Rainbow EuropeΒ Β 

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people (LGBT) and the criminal justice system


Pride Parades and LGBT Movements: Political Participation in an International Comparative Perspective

Similarly, want to know more about Pride Month?Β  Check out our article here.

Photo source: Photo by Jas Min on Unsplash