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This bookshelf contains books, both online and physically available in the Library. It is just a small sample of the materials we have available for you. It is a growing collection and we hope to continue to diversify and decolonise our collections, to become more inclusive with the materials we offer.

Same sex, different politics

The first book to compare results across a wide range of gay rights struggles, this volume explores debates over laws governing military service, homosexual conduct, adoption, marriage and partner recognition, hate crimes, and civil rights.

LGBT Activism and the Making of Europe

This book explores the alleged uniqueness of the European experience, and investigates its ties to a long history of LGBT and queer movements in the region.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people and the criminal justice system

This book explores the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) communities as victims, offenders and staff within the criminal justice system.

LGBT Transnational Identity and the Media

Critical introduction into LGBT transnational identity in the media, this book examines performances and representations within documentary and fiction oriented texts.

The Queer Fantasies of the American Family Sitcom

The book examines how queerness, at first latent, became a vibrant yet continually conflicted part of the family-sitcom tradition.

Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights

A book for activists and academics in a range of disciplines from postcolonial and sexualities studies to filmmaking, as well as for policy-makers and practitioners committed to envisioning, and working for, a better future.

Queer Youth and Media Cultures

This collection explores the representation and performance of queer youth in media cultures, primarily examining TV, film and online new media.

Queer Psychology : Intersectional Perspectives

This book examines the current state of LGBTQ communities and psychology, through the lenses of both queer theory and Intersectionality theory.

Queer at Work

This book not only provides tools to help organizations assess their workplace climate with regard to LGBTQ inclusion and diversity, but also outlines the criteria that would lead to queer-friendly and gender-neutral work environments.