Feedback 2024

Summer is here, well if you ignore the weather.

The libraries have got a bit quieter. So, we thought it is a perfect opportunity to ask for feedback.

At the Library, we are always trying to find new ways to improve. To make our resources both more accessible and more relevant to our users. The best way to do this is of course feedback!

We take feedback very seriously.

How you can give feedback in 2024:

You can give us feedback in various ways, from filling out feedback slip. You will find feedback stations at each library. Or you can email You can also reach out via our social media accounts and here at the blog.

Importance of feedback:

We understand the idea of giving feedback, there might be a thought that it won’t matter and nothing will change. But we want to stress that this is not the case with the library. We act on feedback. We listen. For example, we launched our You Said, We Did campaign. The list below is a few examples from our campaign:

  • LapSafe laptops were made accessible
  • ID on mobile phones can now be used instead of a card to borrow laptops from LapSafe
  • Family room Craiglockhart initiated
  • Book stock hours for Merchiston moved to be the same as Craiglockhart & Sighthill
  • Increased number of loans – 30 for students and staff
  • Provided ergonomic equipment.

You can read more on You Said, We Did.

All of those things happened because of feedback.

So once again, we are asking for feedback *insert Bernie Sanders*

Let us know what you like at the library but more importantly, let us know what needs changing or improving.  Check our library webpages to leave feedback.