An Oyster full of Opportunities: National Career Development Month


With the end of November coming, and with that, the end of National Career Development Month: an oyster full of opportunities. Today, we are going to reflect, looking at what Napier can do for you.

Background and Information…

Spanning from the 1st of November to the 30th of November, National Career Development Month returns  to promote the significance of career progression and planning. This is a month-long campaign by the National Career Development Association. All since 1967.  Introduced with the primary objective of encouraging an increase in comprehensive career services and assistance. And providing a platform for organisations, educational institutions and careers advisors to actively assist individuals with their career journeys through the provision of effective support, guidance and resources. To support whether seeking a career change, trying to reach professional goals and excel in their current role, or require assistance with progressing into a specific career pathway.

What is a career?

The simple and widely recognised definition of a career is the occupation and position of employment which an individual holds. And usually, one which involves specific training and specialised learning. It is also an over-arching definition for a lifetime of learning and progression in an individual’s ‘journey’. With personal development, extensive training and acquiring new skills along the way.

Our Student Futures Team…

Student Futures is our dedicated team of career professionals who can help with anything career. From CV writing to interview support. And more information about them and their resources can be found here.



Remember at some point in our childhoods being asked what we wanted to be when we grew up?  In relation to which career we wanted to pursue in the future.  And some people are still figuring out their career. If you find yourself relating to this, there is a vast range of support and resources out there.  Available on Library Search.

Thinking about Postgraduate study,  we have a blog post

by Rachel Downie

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