Better World Books

Do you ever wonder what happens to our books? Where do they go? What do we do to them?  *Mysterious music plays*. Well today, we are going to answer those questions. We are partnered with Better World Books. And we are proud of it.

Who are they?

They are an online American bookseller, and their books are usually donated from libraries and book drives.  They are ‘a for-profit socially minded business that collects and sells books online with each sale generating funds for literacy initiatives around the world’. It started at Notre Dame University in Indiana, US by former college students selling their old textbooks. It now has over 300 employees, working with over 1800 universities and colleges and 3000 library systems. They even have a warehouse at Dunfermline.

Why Better World Books?

The idea of Better World Books is we donate the books that we will no longer use and they will sell them. Profits from these sales go to Literacy funds. But what if the books don’t sell? It is very simple, they are either donated to literacy programmes, recycled or used for animal bedding.

Millions of books simply go to landfills and but through this, they make sure that doesn’t happen. So far they have donated over 35 million books, and raised over £28 million for literacy and libraries funds. As well as reuse or recycle over 450 million books. We are part of this scheme and proud to be.

This is why we chose them because our books never go to waste and they help great causes.

You can read more about them on their website

And you can read more about behind the scenes at the library here.