Library Spaces and books


Welcome and Welcome back.

It’s good to see everyone back on campus. And we thought it would be a good idea to go over some Frequently Asked Questions. Today we will be covering the library spaces and most importantly library books. And of course, if you want to find out any more information, check out our library webpages.

Library Spaces

Three campuses mean three campus libraries. You can find out the opening hours and much more information on our web pages. The libraries are similar. All have relaxation spaces, wellbeing collections, silent study spaces, Lapsafe lockers, printers and study rooms. And don’t forget our library help desks where our friendly staff are there to help with any library enquiry. The libraries particularly with the book stock match what courses are taught at that campus. Sighthill covers Applied Science, Health and Social Care, Craiglockhart covers law and business and Merchiston covers computing, engineering, built environment and creative arts.

We like to think that our library spaces are safe and inclusive for all our staff and students. However, if you think anything can be improved, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at


Oh books, don’t think it’s an overestimation by saying books are crucial to any library. We have thousands upon thousands of them. You can borrow up to 30 books at a time, and loan periods are 4 months. All books are 7 days but they renew automatically every 7 days up to 4 months, you don’t need to do anything, they simply renew themselves. But please look out for your emails as other students can request books and you will then need to bring them back.

Finding books at Napier is simple. We have LibrarySearch. You can find this on myNapier dashboard or our web pages. Even googling Napier Library Search is fine. And if you are actually at the libraries, we have dedicated computers for Library Search.  You can search book titles and authors, or if you don’t really have a clue about what you are looking for, you can simply use keywords for your research. Here it will you where the books are, what campus or they might be even online. If that is the case, make sure you are signed in. Follow the links and you will get there.  But if it is s physical book you have, LibrarySearch will tell you where to find it. Once you have it, use one of our self-issue machines to issue it or bring it to the help desk.

Stay tune this afternoon for part two of Library FAQ



If you have anymore questions, please get in contact or read our previous library posts