Music Festivals

Summer has a vast number of connotations and associations.  One that has always stuck with me is music festivals. Glastonbury, Download or Reading and Leeds to name a few. The weather is usually nicer, concerts can be held outside so make a weekend out of it. Let’s get into the spirit

History of Music Festivals in the UK

The Isle of Wight Festival was the first modern music festival in the UK, held around the same time as the original Woodstock festival in 1969. The unexpected high attendance (thought to be 700 000) led to a parliamentary act that meant any gathering of more than 5000 people had to apply for a special licence. The festival was revived in 2002 and still going.  (Wikipedia)

Glastonbury followed shortly, inspired by the Isle of Wight Festival and Glastonbury has grown into perhaps the largest and most famous music festival in the country. (Timeout)

 Festivals Today

A list of Summertime music festivals here

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In the Library We have an intensive book stock on music which you can find on LibrarySearch, you can even an intensive reading list on music festivals.

And sometimes festivals are timeless, and you can watch past ones on BOB available through Library Search

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