World Penguin Day

Whether you find them adorable, funny, and loveable for their distinct characteristics, penguins are highly adaptable aquatic animals with impressive swimming abilities. Located around the southern hemisphere, species vary in size from just 30cm tall to just over 1 metre.

These flightless birds spend a staggering three quarters of their existence at sea and can dive to depths of around 200m, whilst emperor penguins can reach 500m. Their flippers act as paddles helping them manoeuvre through the water, as their plumage helps them stay afloat and warm by trapping air. The distinctive colour of penguins prevents them from being easily spotted by predators on land, in the air or underwater.

Edinburgh Zoo

Sit back, relax and take a short break to watch Penguins live on Edinburgh Zoo’s Penguin Live cam: 

Life of the Penguin 

World Penguin Day coincides with the northern migration of Antarctica’s native Adelie penguins who migrate north for the harsh winter months for better access to food and return home for the summer months to build their nest and rear their young. However, the day has been adopted as a celebration of all species of penguin.

Due to overfishing, pollution of oceans by plastics, oil spills and global warming which is changing the Antarctic landscape, the statistics from the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) provides grim reading for the future of penguins, with 10 of the 17 species  considered endangered or vulnerable and another 3 from that group considered near threatened.

Interested in knowing more about the various penguin species? See the Penguins International | World Penguin Day: Penguin Conservation Status blog.

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photo source: Cornelius Ventures

By Mo Almas