If you are a new student at Edinburgh Napier University, you will need to matriculate first and complete the steps below to begin.


1. Matriculation

This is where you officially register as a student, and it will take you to your student erecords where you can update personal and financial information. https://evision.napier.ac.uk/si/sits.urd/run/siw_lgn


2. Photo Manager

You will need to upload a photograph of yourself for your student ID card, remember to have a device (either mobile or webcam available) however before doing this you need to check that your address is up to date in the personal information section of step one. Once you have done this, take your photograph and upload it via the link below (you can do this from your phone or a computer/laptop): https://studentcard.napier.ac.uk/access/login

Please note that ID cards usually arrive within 5 working days.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your ID cards you can call iPoint on 0131 455 2929 or email idcards@napier.ac.uk



3. Edinburgh Napier App The Edinburgh Napier App (also My Account https://i.napier.ac.uk/campusm/home#menu ) is essential for your studies and gives you tiles to access all of your course essentials, and even printing credit!


My Account

My Account


4. Introduction to Computers and Library

This is a short introduction to the campus Computers and Libraries via Moodle where you can see how to access your emails, find books, log in and even print: https://moodle.napier.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=16910


5. Health and Safety

All students are asked to read covid-19 return to campus life Student Health and safety guidance and complete the student safe return to campus covid-19 checklist. You can find further information on the webpage below: https://staff.napier.ac.uk/services/governance-compliance/healthandsafety/Pages/HealthSafety.aspx?utm_source=staff.napier.ac.uk&utm_medium=redirect&utm_campaign=has


6. Consent Matters

This is an online course to understand consent and positive change in the university community. It is encouraged to tackle sexual violence and misconduct: https://moodlecommunity.napier.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=296


7. Academic Integrity

Another online tutorial to demonstrate completing assessments with honesty and integrity. You will learn about referencing and plagiarism: https://napier.cloud.panopto.eu/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?id=c9a8f8ba-2e4f-4246-b508-ad90009b5692


You can find all the steps and information in the link below:



The library wishes you all the best with your studies!