Sensory Soundscapes was created by Ellen Scott for her honours project and focussed on visualisation techniques within virtual reality (VR) experiences.  The project offers a unique, interactive and fully multisensory experience that transports participants through three musical environments.  Each environment explores a different musical genre and music visualisation technique that users experience in VR via the Oculus Quest 2 headset.  The clip above shows a walkthrough of the project, while the images below show some of the interiors created in Unreal Engine.

Different environments were created to represent the different soundscapes

3 different bar interiors were created – this one shows the Jazz bar

The Tiki bar

Poster explaining Ellen's project

Ellen’s poster explains the process followed to create the project.

You can see more of Ellen’s work here –

This post is part of a series celebrating the work the year 4 students have created for their honours projects.  Thanks to Ellen for allowing us to feature this work.