We are excited to share the pitch video for The invisible Sixteen – a concept for a game based on Burke and Hare that was created by Alan, Alba, Celina and James for their Digital Storytelling Coursework.  In the game, users must choose a character to play and then help to find missing people at various locations around Edinburgh. The team designed all aspects of the game, from user interactions and sound design to additional materials to help extend the experience.

Character selection – each character has their own attributes,

One of the characters makes some strange discoveries at Edinburgh’s Surgeon’s Hall Museum.

Character moving through the scene and his position in the game world shown in the inset.

The team created additional media to help create a buzz around the screen-based game and expand on the experience.

This work was created for Digital Storytelling, one of the year 3 modules on the Digital Media and Interaction Design course.  The module is run  by Dr. Tom Flint and Fiona Stewart.  Look out for more great work from our students soon.

Many thanks to the team for allowing us to share their work.