This Motion Graphic was created by Year 3 Digital Media Global Student Murray Paterson.

Murray says “The visual Inspiration behind Under the Weather was drawn from tiger aspect studio’s “Charlie and Lola”, where they create this really playful rough cut collage aesthetic by mixing hand drawn elements with chopped up photographs. I thought it would help give the piece a nice, light hearted kind of atmosphere. As for the inspiration for the story, my walk to uni had a big part to play really. For a month or so before the piece was due, walking through Bruntsfield links was comically windy. I was nearly getting blown off my feet day to day, plastic bags were terrorising civilians and i imagined men with toupees refusing to leave their homes. I found it all quite funny and thought it would be appropriate subject matter for our brief themed: ‘the environment’. “

Murray is off to Australia on placement in a few weeks – hope that the weather is better behaved for him there!

This work was created for Motion Graphics, one of the year 3 modules on the Digital Media and Interaction Design courses.  The module is run  by Dr. Richard Hetherington and Andrew McKelvey.  Look out for more great work from our students soon.

Many thanks to Murray for allowing us to share his work.