Where does the time go? And why do holidays always feel so short? Those are the questions that are no doubt on your mind as you return from a very welcome break. Wherever you were, we hope you enjoyed some sunshine.

But it’s back to business as usual now: grey skies, rain (very wet), and lots of work to catch up on. In case you’d forgotten, those pesky exams are looming. If this is causing you some alarm, fear not – we’ve got you covered.

We’d like to invite you to a supportive space where you can bring your own resources and get some work done.

Come along to Merchiston library on Wednesdays, from 10th April. Join us in study room 7 at 2pm. We’ll spend a couple of hours working together in a friendly, peaceful, quiet space. This is for you if want to beat procrastination, get motivated, work on individual goals and increase time efficiency.

Maybe you struggle to get your head down. Or maybe you don’t have a private, quiet space in which to study. Maybe your notes are all over the place and you need to sit down and pull them all together. Maybe you just like working with others and feeding off the group’s energy.

Whatever your needs, you’re welcome to join our new Co-Working Collective.

There is no need to book, but we would ask you to arrive promptly by 2pm. Just bring yourself, your own study/work resources and a commitment to work and reflect for the next couple of hours.

We look forward to seeing you. If you have any questions or comments, please email

By Lesley McRobb

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