National Bakewell Tart Day

The flaky, buttery pastry, a good amount of jam and sweet frangipane and the little cherry on top literally is the cherry on top. Itโ€™s the Bakewell tart, a legend among baked goods, a classic in baking. National Bakewell tart day is a new celebration, only starting in 2020. Grab a Bakewell tart and letโ€™s get into this delicious day.

History of the Bakewell Tart

Bakewell Tart is accredited to Mrs Graves, the landlady of the White House Inn in Bakewell, Derbyshire England. It was originally called Bakewell Pudding. It was referred to as a pudding due to the original recipe. The cooks were asked to make a jam tart but instead of putting the almond paste into the pastry, they put it on the jam. This created an egg custard which resembled a pudding.

The date of creation is debated, some cite it as early 1820, while others claim 1860. However, it is found in a cookbook dated 1845. From 1900, the Bakewell pudding became the Bakewell Tart. This was mainly due to the egg custard being replaced by a frangipane. Soon a cherry topped, and it became the โ€˜Cherry Bakewellโ€™. Finally, they were made smaller and became individual. It became the Bakewell Tart that we know today.

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Photo source Alan Stephenson