The Library FAQ part two: Lapsafe laptops and MFDs


Welcome back to Library FAQ part two: Lapsafe laptops and MFDs

Lapsafe Laptops

Each Library campus, the JKCC and Bainfield Accodomation have Lapsafe lockers which is a self-service laptop borrowing service. All you need is your student card to scan. Lockers have been updated over the summer so if you don’t have your physical student card, you can use the digital version on your phone.  Lapsafe Lockers have an easy access option if you need further help, please ask at the help desks.  Laptop loans are 14-days and unfortunately, we can’t extend the loan period. However, once you return your laptop you can take another one straight afterwards.  Please, don’t save any of your work to the laptop as it won’t be saved.

You can read more about our laptop loan guidance, availability and how to use the Lapsafe Lockers.

If you need a long-term laptop, there is a Digital Access Scheme.


Moving on to the next technology, printers or as some may call them MFDs (Multi-Function Devices). All libraries and computer suites have MFDs that can print, scan and copy. You need to have print credit on your account which is all managed on the Edinburgh Napier app.  

You can print from any PC or Mac on campus or use your personal device. It doesn’t matter what printer you use on campus, they are all on the same network so you can use any. And all work is kept for 24 hours so you don’t have to print straight away. Once you have sent your work to the printer simply tap your student card, if you have forgotten, there is a keyboard button and log in with your Napier email and password.

To scan or copy, it is the same login as printing then you select what you would like to do. Photocopying is the same price as printing, scanning does not cost but there needs to be credit on your account. Find out more information here including printing/photocopying prices.

For dissertation or specialised printing, please contact the Print Hub 

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