Library and Study Skills

Hello. Trimester 1 is on its way and things are settling. Assignments might already be creeping up. We know, too soon. But, today, we are looking at how the library can help in the upcoming weeks with essays, assignments, presentations and all.  Look at how the library can help with your study skills and highlight all the tools available online and at the library spaces.

Subject Librarians

Each school has a subject librarian, someone specialising in that subject material. Someone who can help you navigate databases, the library catalogue and even the dreaded referencing. You can find out who your subject librarian is on the library web pages. Additionally, they have crafted specialised libguides or subject guides covering all the relevant information you need and can read more about what they offer in a previous blog post. To top it all off, there is the training and events calendar highlighting workshops that will ‘help you get started with the skills you need for success at University’.

Resources for Study Skills

We have a study and research tab on our library web pages. We have a section on study skills which covers how to evaluate information, essay writing tips and tricks and even grammar guides. You will also find a wide selection of study skill books available on Library Search. There are even more specialised sections for Postgraduate and International Students.

Academic Skills

Out with the library, we have fantastic Academic Skills advisors who ‘help students get used to the different ways you may be expected to study, think and write at University’. You can find out more on the MyNapier web pages where you can attend workshops or book one-on-one sessions.


Please remember if you ever feel stuck, the library is here to help. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Good luck with your studies.

Photo sources Andrew Neel