Easter Egg Hunt 2024

It’s that time of year again: Easter Egg Hunt 2024 edition.

Hooray the Easter Bunny has arrived at our libraries. Our annual Easter Egg Hunt is back and better than ever! Time to win some chocolate goodies.Β Hurry while stocks last!

What is the Egg Hunt?

If you aren’t familiar, we run this every year to the run of exams and Easter break. As a fun way to familiarise with Library Search and using the Library Catalogue machines.

It’s a chance to win chocolate goodies. Vegan options will be available. Each campus library will be hosting the egg hunt and it will be running all week starting today. So come along and join. Navigate LibrarySearch for specific book titles to find tokens and you can win a chocolate egg. Learn about LibrarySearch and win a prize, it’s a win-win. Instructions are listed below but you can also ask for more assistance at our help desks.

Easter Egg Hunt Instructions:

  1. Use the library catalogue/library search to find the details of all books listed. You will receive this at the help desk.
  2. Find the books on the shelf using the shelf marks.
  3. On the front page, you’ll find either Flowers, Small Creatures (like a rabbit) or Eggs
  4. Take one of each, there will be three in total.
  5. Take all three tokens to the help desk to receive a chocolate egg.


We are delighted to say that there will be a bonus challenge this year. Ask the help desk for more details because you will be in the chance to win a grander, chocolatier prize.

We wish you luck.


You can read more about how to find books with our previous blog post.