Exams and Study

We know we’ve been here before, echoing exams are upcoming. But it’s that time of year. And we can’t stress enough that the library is here to help and we have a wide range of resources for support.

We are running a book display at each campus library highlighting the support and help available. Here you will find books on study skills, exam guidance and how to take time out for yourself to unwind. As well as directions to online guides to subjects and wellbeing collections.

The displays will be there for the entire exam period, for you to have a chance to look at.

We also have everything online, if you don’t have time or the chance to make it to the library.

Exams and Study Skills

Feel free to browse the books on display and please note that all books are loanable. You can borrow them.  We have created a reading list for exam support, here you will find more books to manage exams. Some are physical items and some are online. Additionally, this reading list includes books on study skills and mindfulness during the exam period.

Our online tools for study skills include our training and event calendar which will direct you to sessions from Academic Skills advisors and subject librarians. There is a wide range of what it is offered and remember, you can also book 1.1 appointments.

Our subject guides cover all courses. These are designed by the subject librarians. Here you can find useful and more relevant resources for your course like databases.  There are also guides to Google Scholar and referencing and much more.

Wellbeing and Relaxation:

The exam period can be stressful. So it is important not to get burnt out.  Our displays feature books on mindfulness and well-being. At each library,  there is a well-being collection which is dedicated to navigating life at university. And a relaxation area where you take time to unwind with some jigsaws or light reading. If you can’t make it into the library, the wellbeing collection is available online and we have a virtual relaxation space on the blog.

Keep your eyes out for an upcoming article on the Wellbeing Collection. A deeper dive into what the Wellbeing Collections offers.

Good luck with your exams.