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Featured Project: Unknown Sender by Sophie Spalding

We’re so excited to share this piece by Sophie Spalding, one of our year 2 DMID students.  There are definite echoes in this story of the fact that a lot of us have been alone more than usual this year and looking for a little contact – human or otherwise.   The pre-production images below show Sophie’s character designs and an excerpt from her storyboards – finishing these to a high standard meant the story was clearly mapped out ahead of beginning the animation process.  We hope she makes a second episode so we can see what the characters get up to next….

This work was created for the 2D animation module run by Fiona Stewart and Andrew McKelvey.  Thanks to Sophie for allowing us to feature her work.

Featured Project: Puddles by Alynna Aquino

We love the colours and hand-drawn style of year 2 DMID student Alynna Aquino’s “Puddles”,  she has really captured the spirit of a Scottish autumn day after the rain.    We’ve included some of her beautiful concept work below.  You can see more of Alynna’s work in her portfolio here –

This work was created for the 2D animation module run by Fiona Stewart and Andrew McKelvey.  Thanks to Alynna for allowing us to feature her work.

Featured Project: Stupid House by Jonathan Wood

Our year 2 DMID student, Jonathan Wood, has created this animation that explores what “smart” home gadgets might get up to when we are out.   We loved the way he managed to get personality into the inanimate objects- as you can see from some of his character and background designs below.  You can see more of Jonathan’s work on his portfolio –

This work was created for the 2D animation module run by Fiona Stewart and Andrew McKelvey.  Thanks to Jonathan for allowing us to feature his work.

Featured Project: The Windmill by Álvaro de la Torre Lázaro

This animated short is by year 2 student Álvaro de la Torre Lázaro, who is studying Marketing with Digital Media.   We loved the soft colours and use of texture as well as they way characters have so much expression even although they are made of simple shapes – as you can see in the storyboards and character concept below.

This work was created for the 2D animation module run by Fiona Stewart and Andrew McKelvey.  Thanks to Alvaro for allowing us to feature his work.

Featured Project: Sentient Exhibition and Book

A range of projects from the Creative Computing module

Sentient is a printed book and online exhibition created by our year 3 and 4 students for their Creative Technology module led by Dr. Tom Flint.  We normally have a gallery exhibition, but this year the students have managed to find alternative ways to exhibit their work.  They say “We have had the opportunity to work on a number of incredible projects that we’re pleased to share. Not only do we enjoy showcasing our work, but also sharing details about the creative process behind each project. We want you to fully experience our projects, so please sit down, relax and enjoy.” 

Explore the full project here –

Many thanks to the students and to Dr. Tom Flint for allowing us to share their work.

A few playful projects

Year 2 are getting stuck in to the Playful Interaction module run by Dr. Tom Flint – despite the difficulties of lock down.  Members of the class have had Arduino starter packs sent to the their homes so they can work on their projects.   These videos are just a few of the challenges they have been working on.   We’re looking forward to seeing what they do by the end of the trimester!

Thank you to James Eddowes, Lucy Sherratt, Dillon Findlay and Iliyana Pirinska


Featured Project : Suzi in South Africa for her honours project

Suzi working with some of the learners at the school

Fourth year Digital Media and Interaction Design student Suzi Cathro is currently undertaking a collaborative project with young disabled learners at Mason Lincoln school in Umlazi township, South Africa, a school she has had a relationship with for many years.  Together they will produce an animation exploring the cultural traditions of the Zulu people.

Suzi has been running workshops teaching children the basics of animation and storytelling to facilitate the creation of their own culturally relevant story.   She is using motion capture technology to accurately record movement that can be incorporated into the animation.

You can follow the project and see how the animation develops here –

Suzi hopes that the young people she collaborated with use this experience to showcase their stories and culture and gain a sense of pride in their achievements.

Ideas sketches for characters created by the pupils.

Many thanks to Suzi and the young people of Mason Lincoln Special school for sharing their project with us.  The project is funded by the Edinburgh Napier University student Mobility grants.

Guest post: 3 Months in Melbourne by Alarik Jagerhorn

This video has been made by year 3 Digital Media and Interaction Design Global student Alarik, who is currently completing his study abroad at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia.  As you can see from his film it looks like there has been plenty of time for exploring as well as studying.

Thanks to Alarik for letting us share his video. 


Playful Interaction :fun, playful, physical computing

Paper aeroplanes with ideas written on
Playful ideas captured by the students on the Playful Interaction module

Something new for you to follow on Instagram @playfulinteraction – this is the home of the year 2 Playful Interaction module.

Lecturer Denise Milne says  ‘What we’re doing in the practical classes is applying the skills learned each week in fun and creative ways. We are taking the circuits off the breadboard and turning them into something playful. The module is about creating playful interactions and to do that I think it is essential that we re-experience the joy of play which will aid us in creating successful and effective playful opportunities for users.’

The posts below show some of the projects created in the very first session.  You can see how the work develops by following @playfulinteraction on instagram or checking back here –

Many thanks to Denise Milne and the students on the Playful Interaction module for allowing us to share your work.  The Playful Interaction module is taught by Dr. Tom Flint and Denise Milne.

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