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Are you interested in the future of aviation? If yes, have your say…

We, Edinburgh Napier University and our collaborators, Mott MacDonald, are looking for volunteers from the London area to participate in a small focus group workshop and give their opinion on new hydrogen-electric technologies in aviation.

What is Project HEART? As part of the UK Government’s Future Flight Challenge, Project HEART (Hydrogen-Electric & Automated Regional Transportation) is a consortium of academic and industry partners who will look at the issues and practicalities of developing a UK wide fully sustainable and scalable air transport network. We are looking to understand how to construct and operate what would be the world’s first zero emission 19-seater commercial aircraft routes, operating by 2025.

This involves hydrogen-electric technologies, which present opportunities to deliver the same performance as a conventional aircraft engine, but with zero carbon emissions and at around half of the operating costs.

Anyone can take part in the workshops – you don’t have to be an expert!!!  By taking part, you will give us an insight into social acceptance issues such as the perception and trust of these new technologies.

Each participant will receive a retail gift voucher as a thankyou and towards travel costs. Refreshments will be provided during the event.

How to Join us

Join us in London and share your opinion with a small group at our partner’s, Mott MacDonald, office.  Places are limited.  The activity is planned to take place the 27th and/or 30th of June 2023. A poll has been set up to help determine the best option. If  you are interested in taking part, please inform us of your availability and basic contact details by filling out the following poll HERE.

If you are selected, our event organisers from Edinburgh Napier University will contact you. We will let you know if you are successful and give you further information about attendance individual requirements, how to find us and get in.

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