Park4SUMP training event, Scotland – online Wednesday 18th May 2022

Edinburgh Napier University will be hosting the Park4SUMP training event, Scotland online on Wednesday 18th May 2022 from 9.30am until 1pm.

The Park4SUMP project is about using parking management as a measure within Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) in order to make SUMPs more effective in reaching their objectives.  It includes 16 cities from around Europe, some very advanced in what they do in parking management, others just starting out.  One of its objectives is to build the capacity of local and other transport authorities in their ability to use parking management as part of SUMP.  To do this, the project is organising a number of training events around Europe, including in Scotland.  The main objectives of the training event in Scotland are to focus in on some specific experiences of improving parking management from project partner cities and elsewhere, related to some key issues:

  • Converting parking space to public space, on-street.
  • Dealing with footway parking, with a particular focus on public consultation.
  • Improving enforcement technology.
  • EV parking for charging, including its impacts on public space.
  • The Scottish perspective on these issues.

There will also be an opportunity to have a structured exchange of views and experience amongst participants on some of these topics, in a discussion session.

The target market for the training event in Scotland is primarily local authority (municipality) staff who work on mobility and traffic engineering, who face parking problems and demands on parking, and who would like to learn more about how to manage parking and to include it as a measure in their SUMP or other transport plans.  Another market is the consultants who work for these authorities and also staff at the regional and national level of government who are involved in transport and mobility planning and legislation.

View programme here:  

View presentations below:

Tomasz Zwolinski, City of Krakow, Poland: Presentation from Park4SUMP city Krakow on the removal of pavement parking in residential areas, with a focus on public participation

Pedro Gomes, POLIS, Brussels:  EV charging on-street – review of experience in various cities around Europe.

Ewa Kusio-Olszewska, City of Gdansk, Poland:  Presentation from Park4SUMP city Gdansk on the introduction of a scan car to improve enforcement.

Walter Scott, SCOTSThe Scottish view on these issues