What is the Transport Research Institute and who is part of it? Institute Annual 16

TRI was established in 1996, building on Edinburgh Napier’s success as a provider of teaching in Civil and Transportation Engineering. TRI is well established in Scotland with excellent long-standing links to industry and government.  TRI is the most well-known transport research group in Scotland and in the top ten in the UK, delivering high quality transport research, consultancy and other knowledge transfer projects in high impact settings.

The skills and academic proficiency that TRI brings to bear covers a wide range of fields, from engineering, AI and human factors; through economics, business and mathematical modelling, to sociology and psychology. As part of Edinburgh Napier University, we offer academic objectivity, and we work with partners at other transport research institutions internationally and across Scotland.

TRI is well-known for its research on transport policy, public transport, transport economics, road safety, modelling of users’ behaviour, active travel, freight transport, street infrastructure and electric vehicles.  We are now also developing a strong research profile in areas such as health and sustainability, data and connected technology, advanced air mobility, hydrogen electric aviation, driving simulation, Emergency Healthcare transport and inclusive design.

TRI’s Transport research will develop under the following updated thematic areas:


  • Climate change, Environment & Health
  • Demand and behavioural change in the aftermath of COVID-19
  • Legislative & Policy framework
  • Infrastructure & technology
  • Interdisciplinary Perspectives

This combination of expertise and research objectivity means we can provide rigorous and reliable analysis to help inform decisions and develop more effective policies. We have strong links to applied research with industry realising real world applications of our work. We work and plan to research at a strategic level with European Commission research programmes, as well as with national and local governments around the world. TRI has a strong record of peer-reviewed academic publications in international journals and participates regularly in transport events and conferences.

Take a look at TRI’s Timeline infographic which captures key milestones over the last 25 years:  TRIInfographic_Final

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