Registration is now open for our 7th Annual Electric Vehicle Event – 13th & 14th October!

Registration is now open for our 7th Annual Electric Vehicle Event ‘Electric Vehicle Revolution across the Globe’ – 13th & 14th October!

Both sessions will be held online and are FREE to attend.

Road Transport session – Wednesday 13th October (10am-2.30pm)

Join leading academic researchers, scientists, and engineers from electric vehicles technology and related industries, along with government representatives, aid organisations, and international agencies to discuss the newest advances, challenges and perspectives for the broader dissemination of electric vehicles in major economies around the world. The electric road transport session of the 7th Annual Electric Vehicle Conference also aims to cover innovative research findings and the latest development for strategic planning and policy reference.

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Road Transport – Wednesday 13th October 

Air Transport Session – Thursday 14th October (10am-2.30pm)

The aviation session aims to address the electric flight possibilities as well as the challenges that brings. A line-up of internationally acknowledged keynote speakers from academia and industry as well as policy makers, will discuss the fast-paced developments for electric and hybrid aircraft architectures, systems and components, review the vast research into the rapidly increasing electrification of aircrafts in some of the leading economies across the world. The event will also take on related technological challenges and opportunities right up to commercial viability, with the overall goal to support the industry on next generation aircraft design.

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Air Transport – Thursday 14th October

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